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The Powers That Be Say...

The Powers That Be Say...

Just having a little fun with how confusing it can feel to teachers when curriculum and program trends change rapidly. You should also know that when I was doing my post graduate work, I was humored by how often the words relevant, conundrum, ubiquitous, and plethora were used in research articles and books. I thought I'd add them in there for fun.

See if you can relate to this poem.

The Powers That Be Say…

Do A.

5 years go by.

Don't do A. It's not relevant.

Do B now.

4 years go by.

Why are you doing B? That went out 3 years ago.

Do C.

We have a conundrum, so scratch that.

Do D, not C.

3 years go by.

Ok. Do E, which is really a combination of A and C with a twist of D, and will be more ubiquitous.

2 years go by.

You weren't doing it right. It doesn't matter.  A plethora of knowledge suggests

F is the new thing anyway.  Do that.

1 year passes.

We have found the silver bullet.  It's new! It's exciting! It's original! It will fix everything!

Drum roll it is! Do A.

The young ones say, "Wow!".  

The old ones chuckle in disbelief and whisper, "Here we go again."

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