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Breathe In... Breathe Out...

Breathe In... Breathe Out...

By the time March rolls around, I'm thinking, "Okay. I feel like the month came in like a lion and just kind of ate me up and spit me out." I'm tired. I'm dragging. And I didn't figure out how to find and maintain the precious balance I spoke of to my colleagues back in August. Does this sound familiar?

Today, however, I'm renewing my quest for balance. This brought to mind a beautiful guided meditation I took part in some time ago. It began with, "Breathe in love and breath out hate," but I could not recall the rest. While I'm sure I could search the internet for something similar, I felt compelled to create my own. I became aware of my need for self talk because I struggle with taking in and living in the beauty of these wonderful words. And, as I was writing, I couldn't help but hear my own commentary, so I placed my personal thoughts in italics.

I send you, the reader, joy, light, and love.

Breathe In... Breathe Out...

Breathe in love

Breathe out hate

I've talked about you. You've mistreated me. I forgive you. Will you forgive me?

Breathe in forgiveness

Breathe out offense

I choose to give up on the idea of a better past.

Breathe in hope

Breath out despair

Even the wealthiest person lives in poverty when she lives without hope.

Breathe in music

Breathe out noise

The whistling wind and returning songbirds are my music today.

Breathe in simplicity

Breathe out complicated

If life is a paragraph. I press delete until the most important word remains.

Breathe in contentment

Breathe out disappointment

What I wanted dearly didn't come. I choose to live in the abundance before me.

Breathe in calm

Breathe out nervousness

Creating space for that which balances me will give my spirit the rest it needs.

Breathe in energy

Breathe out lethargy

Let go of anger an effervescent power will be released, the sustaining joyful kind.

Breathe in clarity

Breathe out confusion

Solitude is where you'll find your clearest vision of what's most important.

Breathe in patience

Breathe out impulsivity

I've learned that spontaneity is not impulsivity.

Breathe in confidence

Breathe out insecurity

I'll pay attention to the encouraging voice inside that says, "Trust yourself."

Breathe in appreciation

Breathe out criticism

Look compassionately for the good in everyone, even if you have to look hard.

Breathe in lessons

Breathe out regret

Our hardest lessons have been our greatest teachers. Send them light and love.

Breathe in courage

Breathe out fear

Courage and fear may walk together for a time, but let the courage lead the way.

Breathe in acceptance

Breathe out rejection

Embracing differences and rejoicing in similarities brings about peace.

Breathe in faith

Breathe out doubt

Believe the best, like honey from the honeycomb, is waiting for you to taste it.

Breathe in thankfulness

Breathe out ingratitude

Name every single thing you're grateful for in this moment.

Breathe in love

Breathe out love

Love, love, love...



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